Audience Response Systems

Create dynamic, interactive, and engaging presentations utilising the TurningPoint audience response system.

The audience response system allows you, as the presenter, to gather useful and relevant information from audiences of any size. Presentations are instantaneous and unique to the particular audience, and therefore of greater interest to them.

The TurningPoint Audience Response System is used by schools, governments and businesses world-wide to create fun and interactive training sessions, encourage participation and facilitate discussion.

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It's easy and fun. Each participant is given a keypad that allows them enter their response to the presenter's poll or multiple choice questions. The answers are then sent to the presenter's computer and the data is instantly tabulated and graphically displayed on the screen, usually as a bar graph. Data can also be stored and analyzed later.


Audience response systems offer a number of benefits:

More Engaged Participants

Involving audience members in this way takes them from passive observers to engaged and enthusiastic participants. They'll also be genuinely interested in seeing how their responses compare to those of their fellow audience members.

Interactivity between presenter and his/her audience increases significantly. Imagine the dynamic created in the room, where thousands of people are actively engaged and interacting with the presenter, knowing their input counts.

Immediate Results

Responses are recorded and tabulated and the results are displayed almost instantly within the presentation for all to see.

Increased Efficiency

Presenters are able to quickly gather data from the audience, assess their information needs and tailor the presentation accordingly so time is not lost repeating material the audience already knows.

Additional efficiencies are also realized when the system is used for polling. A simple click of the button followed by instant results eliminates the need for the traditional 'show of hands' or cumbersome collection and counting of paper ballots.


With the audience response system, everyone has an equal voice and can respond without interruption. As a result, forums are more inclusive and participants feel their input is valued. Extroverts no longer dominate the discussion and introverts are finally heard.


Depending on the presenter's requirements, responses to polls or questions can be collected anonymously. This method can be particularly useful when dealing with sensitive subjects. Results will be more accurate if participants, comfortable in their anonymity, are able to respond honestly according to their own beliefs rather than be influenced by their peers.


Audience response systems don't have to be expensive and VES offers several options to suit your budget. You can choose our full service option, where we provide a tech on site, or just simply rent the equipment. If renting, we'll show you how to build your presentation and run the software.

1 Day3 Days5 DaysWeekend
Keypad (each)$12 $24 $36 $18
Receiver$60 $120 $180 $90
Min 4 Hrs
As they always do, VES handled the logistics, sound and video perfectly. Thank you.
Dr Masum Hossain - Head of Pfizer Oncology ANZ & Korea
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