Game Show Buzzer

The MP3 game show buzzer allows contestants to buzz in first, thereby blocking out the other contestants.

The control unit will show the moderator who has buzzed in first, while the light in the contestants dome switch is fully customizable and can be configured in various ways... such as all lights on in ready mode, and only the contestants light flashing when their buzzer is activated.

The moderator can choose to auto reset the buzzers after 10 seconds, or reset them manually.

Each contenstant can trigger a seperate MP3 file, which are loaded into the control unit via a SDHC memory card. The memory card and a USB card reader are included in the kit to enable the loading of mp3 files from any PC. The control unit includes a 3.5mm stereo headphone socket which can be hooked up to an audio console or speaker system.

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The standard game show buzzer control unit supports from 1 to 8 contestants, however is expandable to 24 seperate buzzers which can be set up in groups or individually.

Please note that if you require the game show buzzer system to be configured in anything other than the standard 8 single contestant configuration a charge may apply for updating the firmware.

1 Day3 Days5 DaysWeekend
Controller$100 $200 $300 $150
Small Button - 10cm$20 $40 $60 $30
Large Button - 30cm$50 $100 $150 $75
*All Prices Ex-GST
As they always do, VES handled the logistics, sound and video perfectly. Thank you.
Dr Masum Hossain - Head of Pfizer Oncology ANZ & Korea
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